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Belinda Braza

is a choreographer, artistic director, dancer, dance instructor, producer and coordinator.


With over 20 years of experience, she is one of the most aknowledged choreographers and AD`s in Norway.

Her work involves theater, musicals, TV, commercials, artists and more. 

During her career she has choreographed and been the assistant director for over 50 mainstage productions. 

 She has, for the last 6 years,  been a part of the artistic staff at The Norwegian Theater ( Det Norske Teatret).

Her work there includes being a part of the artistic management group for the Norwegian Theater's  satelite stage called "Rommen scene".

She is also the artistic director for "Bikubekveld", which is the Norwegian Theaters event stage, programming events, concerts and more once a week.

She is in charge of programming events and happenings for children and youth, doing a wide range of theater, dance and art events every month. 

She is the coordinator for the "movement subject" at the acting school run by The Norwegian Theater- "The Multi Norwegian", doing physical theater with acting students for the past 9 years.

Through her own production company " B-Braza productions" , she has produced, choreographed and directed 4 mainstage physical theater/dance performances, bringing them on tour across Scandinavia to Asia.

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